Spicy Seasoned Crackers

Super Bowl Snacks


you'll love these  Spicy Snacks

Mini Alabama Fire Crackers are an easy little snack with a big and bold party attitude. Only a few simple steps and they're ready to party. Ingredients are pantry staples and easy to find in the grocery store.

what you'll need to make these  Spicy Snacks

~saltine crackers - mini or regular size ~everything but the bagel seasoning ~red pepper chili flakes ~garlic powder ~onion powder ~vegetable oil or canola oil ~gallon size ziplocked bag


Mix oil and seasonings in a measuring cup or medium bowl.

how to make Spicy Seasoned Crackers


Pour oil & seasoning mixture on top of mini saltines in a large mixing bowl. Gently Stir.


Transfer to a gallon size  bag-gently shake and flip every 30 minutes for at least 4 hours.


Let air dry on a lined  baking sheet for a few hours. You can bake them for a toastier crunch.


Store in an air-tight container. Will be fresh and yummy for at least a month.

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