Stuffing Muffins-Don’t Sweat the Stuff

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Don’t Sweat The Stuffing Stuff!

Stuffing is as much a part of Thanksgiving tradition as Rudolf is to Christmas. It doesn’t matter what part of the U.S. you’re from, you’ve got the stuff (get it?) on your Thanksgiving table.

Stuffing is one of those dishes that kids are not all that sure of when first introduced. I mean, let’s be real; what 4 year old kid really wants to dive right in and devour an oyster or a giblet part. Much less an unidentifiable gray brown thing that’s probably some chunk of a heart or liver….yum! No Thank You Ma’am!

A couple of years ago during a stuffing debacle (that’s short for I can’t make stuffing from scratch and I had a big mess on my hands) I searched Pinterest and found a quick solution…stuffing balls or muffins made from the boxed stuff.  With the addition of fresh ingredients like onions, celery, garlic, sausage, pancetta, pepperoni, etc. any suspecting food connoisseur would never know the difference. These babies are a huge hit with every foodie, big and small!

Recipe Stuff

Yep, that’s the main ingredient, right there!?

Secondary accessories right below?

Follow the cooking instruction on the side of the box.

While the stuffing is cooling off, saute all extra goodies in butter until kinda soft. If you add sausage, bacon or any other kind of meat make sure to cook this ahead of time. Add extras all together, mixing 1 egg per box of stuffing.

Grease or use cupcake liners and fill using 1.5 ice cream scoops to each muffin tin; or make the size you want.

Stuff’s Cooking

Back at 425 for about 15-18 mins or until top is nice and crispy and center is warm and yummy!

You can make these ahead…which I’m going to do tomorrow…or either refrigerate or freeze.  And I think I’m going to add Italian sausage and roasted red pepper this time and maybe dried cranberries…we’ll see what happens:>

Serve with gravy!

Hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!!

Gobble ?Gobble?!


P.S. Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe…Don’t attempt it…?

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