5 Easy Make Ahead Holiday Snack Recipes

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These tasty 5 make-ahead holiday snack recipes are Christmas party staples in our family. All are bite-sized snacks full of spicy, savory flavors with fun, crunchy attitudes. All 5 of these casual, easy recipes are better made a week or two ahead of your holiday party or big game day festivities.

spicy chex mix with cheese puffs in a white bowl on a white table with an orange towel.

Instead of making a creamy dip, take one of these delicious bites for your holiday dinner contribution. The best holiday appetizers are the ones that are already done. Am I right?


  • Place small bowls of these finger snacks around your cocktail party for easy-reach nibbles. 
  • Incorporate all the different flavors of these five snacks on a cheese plate or Christmas charcuterie board.
seasoned italian goldfish crackers in a large cast iron skillet on a white table with a green and white striped towel.
  • Crunchy Chex mix snacks and spicy pretzels always make a great companion on an appetizer table to soft and delicious Everything Cheese Pinwheels, hot cheesy dips such as Spicy Sausage Rotel Dip or Sausage Balls made with cornbread stuffing. 
  • These recipes are full of simple ingredients making them the perfect party food for pre-meal Thanksgiving appetizers or any holiday gathering. 
  • They are a great way to get a head start on all the last-minute holiday craziness that happens to all of us.
  • Make it easy on yourself and make a few of these finger foods a couple of weeks in advance. You’ll need to hide them though or else they’ll mysteriously disappear. 

Simple Seasoned Italian Goldfish Crackers
Simple Seasoned Italian Goldfish Cracker recipe is a perfect snack for a crunchy craving ideal for game day power snackers. The fun fish shape of the Parmesan cheese goldfish, oyster crackers, fresh dill, red pepper flakes, and Italian flavors are mixed together for a delicious snack mix. This recipe is a quick, fun combination of cracker shapes and comforting Italian spice the whole family will love.
Check out this recipe
Spicy Chex Mix with Cheese Puffs
The Best Homemade Spicy Chex Mix Recipe or “Texas Trash” is a homemade Chex Mix recipe with a cheesy kick that’s bound to become a family favorite snack. The zesty and savory spice combination comes together perfectly with the crunch of Chex cereal with the cheesy goodness of puffs, all seasoned to perfection with a hint of smoky spicy goodness.
Check out this recipe
close overhead of spicy homemade chex mix
Easy Spicy Everything Mini Saltine Snack Crackers
Spicy Everything Mini Saltine Snack Crackers is a deliciously addictive party snack that is super quick to mix together. Easy Spicy Everything Mini Saltine Snack Crackers AKA Alabama Fire Crackers is an easy little snack with a big and bold party cracker attitude.
This easy recipe is a twist on the famous Fire Crackers but are made with mini saltines. Small in size and big in spicy flavor, make a double batch of these yummy bite sized treats and serve them instead of popcorn on movie nights. 
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Easy Seasoned Italian Pretzels
This Easy Seasoned Italian Pretzel Recipe is the perfect party snack and is seriously delicious. It’s an easy winner to add to your holiday snack recipe list. This simple snack is full of zesty Italian flavors with extra spice from the red pepper flakes added to the pre-packaged Italian dressing mix.
Check out this recipe
zesty Italian mini pretzels in a white bowl on a blue towel
Delicious Curry Cheese Puff Chex Mix
Homemade Curry Cheese Puff Chex Mix is truly a special treat in our house…especially around the holidays. Slow-roasted, savory, Curry spice mixed up with a buttery combination of Worcestershire Sauce, cumin, garlic, and onion powder makes this mix a different, divine beautiful snack.
Check out this recipe
overhead picture of curry cheese puff chex mix in a white bowl
curry cheese puff chex mix in a white serving bowl on a blue towel.

These easy snacks are not only great for party nibbles but they make super fun gifts for the Christmas season. Each recipe makes at least 15 servings. Include these five different snacks in 1 holiday gift basket and give to a lucky friend!


The best way to store these simple make-ahead Christmas appetizers is in airtight containers. Sealing them for a week or so enables all the delicious flavors to meld while retaining the crispy crunch of each one.


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