Eco Friendly Everyday Home Essentials

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These Eco friendly everyday home essentials cover all the bases; sustainable, reusable, and recyclable! Start out the New Year feeling good about converting your space into a low waste, earth friendly spot with minimal cost.


Summit Water Bottle – Stainless Steel Liter Flask-Reusable for Evah!!

How cool are these Eco Friendly bottles? 40 OZ, 64 OZ, 84 OZ. No more plastic in your water!!! And no more plastic water bottles in the trash or ocean!!! At $24 for a one time purchase you definitely save money fast! 36 different colors and designs to choose from. Simple Modern Water Bottle!

Can I get a high 5 for these environmentally friendly reusable food lunch/storage bags! Very versatile, durable and perfect for snacks, sandwiches, make up, travel bags. Just think how much money you will save at $12.99 for 12!!! A box of disposable landfill food bags are $3 a piece.

The only con is you need to rinse them out. That’s it!

Natural Dish Sponge – Biodegradable Compostable Zero Waste

100% plastic free, Loofah biodegradable kitchen sponge scrubber. Plant-based fibers come with brown paper backing. Great for non-stick pans and dishes. Their tough, natural, compostable, ZERO WASTE. ECO FRIENDLY! 2 Loofah sponges for $6.99! Worth it!

Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids – various sizes including XL. Fits different shapes too!

Who hates plastic wrap?🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Such a great Eco friendly alternative to the earth polluting wrap. Dishwasher and Freezer Safe, win-win! At $15 for 14 varied sized stretchy lids you will recoup the initial costs in no time!

No more guilt straw sipping!!! With all the obvious evidence that plastic straws and other plastics are littering our oceans, parks, and basically OUR Earth we need an Eco friendly solution to this mounting problem…It Sucks! At .04 cents a straw for this biodegradable plant based alternative I would gladly pay extra if I was offered a choice at a restaurant. I bet one of these straws could last all day!! That’s more than half a year’s supply for $9.00!

Farmhouse Kitchen Compost Bin – 100% Rust Proof w/Non Smell Filters – Easy Clean 1.3 Gallon Container

Those of you that know me, know I’m a super believer in composting. This countertop-no mess, no smell, nice looking- composter is a must in every kitchen…especially if you’re a coffee drinker. Used coffee grounds are soooo good for everything growing in your yard…house plants too!

Mini Farming Guide to Composting: Your Kitchen to Your Backyard

How to compost guide on just about anything from your kitchen scraps to anything you can grow – and reminds us that developing your own composting practices not only can be fun but also saves money and encourages self-sufficiency. Saving money and reducing landfill waste, what a concept😉 Guide to backyard composting!

Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, 7pc Cast Iron Complete Chef Set

There is nothing in your kitchen that is more durable or sustainable than a good ol’ cast iron skillet, nothing! I have several that were passed down from my mom and mother-in-law. I hope my kids, not real soon, choose to keep and use my collection someday. Easy to clean and very healthy to use! Organically non-stick if you just love them a little!

Reusable Bamboo Dinnerware 12 Piece Tableware-Dinner Plates and Bowls Indoor/Outdoor Shatterproof Dishes with very Cool Design

These cute bamboo kitchen plates and bowls are made from bamboo fiber, which is much more Eco friendly than melamine, while still maintaining all the benefits. Bamboo is sustainably grown and mostly biodegradable, so you can have peace of mind about your impact on the environment. Very long lasting, shatterproof and comes in a really nice looking storage box…perfect for camping, glamping, RV enthusiast, picnics, BBQs, BeachaQ’s:) $40 for 12 pieces…that’s cheap!!

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