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Hey there, I’m Elise Austin, and welcome to my construction zone! As a mom, real estate agent, blogger, and contractor’s wife living the contractor’s life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there’s always a project in the works, a dream taking shape, a house on the market, or a near mental breakdown lurking around the corner.

My mission? To empower others to cook healthier meals without compromising on flavor and spice. With a focus on homegrown veggies and herbs, I’m dedicated to bringing the freshness of the garden straight to your kitchen.

Drawing from my unique blend of real estate insights and hands-on DIY experience, I strive to offer recipes and tips that resonate with fellow home enthusiasts navigating the demands of modern life.

Originally conceived as The Contractor’s Castle in 2018, Souper Good Home has since evolved into a hub of food inspiration and home improvement wisdom.

Fueled by my passion for both cooking and the art of home transformation, I’ve honed our focus to deliver mouthwatering recipes alongside invaluable DIY insights and gardening know-how.

Where good food and good company are always on the menu

As someone intimately familiar with the inner workings of homes, I understand the importance of practical design and functional living spaces.

Our ongoing kitchen remodel saga—a long-awaited endeavor after 12 years of deliberation—stands as a testament to this commitment. Guided by my experiences in real estate and contracting, we’re bidding farewell to makeshift solutions and outdated aesthetics, ushering in a new era of style and functionality.

With each renovation, we’re not just revamping spaces; we’re crafting havens where memories are made and cherished.

This house holds a special place in my heart—it’s where my parents forged lasting memories, and where I discovered my passion for real estate. As we dive into this next chapter of renovations, I’m excited to share the highs, lows, and everything in between with you.

Whether you’re here for the recipes, seeking DIY inspiration, or simply looking to connect with a community that shares your love for all things home-related, I’m thrilled to have you join us on this journey.

Welcome to Souper Good Home—where good food, good company, and cherished memories are always on the menu.